Birch Tree

November Middlebrun Sunrise 2

Big Red Sky, Point Place

Night Atop the Pass Lake Train Trestle 2

Big Sky

November Milky Way from the Pass Lake Train Trestle

November Middlebrun Sunrise

Ridgeway Fog II

Night Atop the Pass Lake Train Trestle

Tug Boat in Fog

The Conjunction of Venus and Mars Beteen the Moon and Jupiter th

Ridgeway Fog

Remnants of the old Starch Factory

Zombieland; The Fort William Starch Company

The Road

Aspen Motion II, Sturgeon Bay

Sturgeon Bay, Another Time, Another Sunrise

Lonely Autumn

Aspen Motion Absract

Sturgeon Island from Picnic Point

Fall has come

Hidden Eclipse

Dave gazing at wreck 1

Foggy Morning in Sturgeon Bay, with foreground, vertical

A Floating Leaf

The Milky Way Galactic Centra rising behing Carp River Road Clif

Red Sunset

The Sleepimg Giant, a vintage Classic

Mt McKay Southern Rock Slide

FWFN Nightscape Stacked Panorama


Northern Lights in the CIty Overhead 08

360 Polar Pano Cascades Night

360 Cascades Night

Norah Aurora

The Cascades

Sea Lion basking in Summer Nigh Sunset's glow

Moonlit Perry Bay, sunset glow

Glowing Horizon

At the end of the storm -landscape

Overhead Pano of Milky Way at the Pinacles view 2

Blood Red Sun

The Dorion Tower, Light Painted

Jonathan Coons Photography in action

At the end of the storm -landscape

The Dorion Pinnacles

Green Frog on a Green Leaf, North American Grey Tree Frog

Misty Hattie Cove

Wild Rose

Tiger Lili

Lake of the Woods Summer Aurora - Looking Up 01

Sunrise Pukaskwa

Early Morning Summer Aurora

Southern Headland Midnight Panorama

Horseshoe Beach

Hattie Cove Starlight - vertical panorama

Midnight - panorama

Daisies at Mt McKay

Spirit Mountain

Moon over Thunder Bay from Silver Harbour

a stormy day

Trestle Shadow, Pass Lake

Meandering Creek


What did your plant have for breakfast?

Pass Lake Trestle

Late May 9, Crab apple blossoms


Inside the Talking Falls

Talking Falls, Monochrome

A Favourite Doll

Late May 4, blossoms and the setting sun

Bumble Bee

Late May 5, cluster of buds

Late May 3, the blast

Birch Bark

Water and Sky

Talking Falls

Middlebrun Red Coastal Rocks

Knox (Pruden) United Church Pruden St.View

Spring Snowflakes

Middlebrun Channel Point

Red Dawn

Red Cliffs, White Cedars

The Arch

Middlebrun Channel

Red Rocks of Middlebrun Bay

Isabella Flower Arrangement

3 Islands

Boreal Forest

232 Simpson St. TEXTURE

White Cedar

Morning Glow

Churh for Sale!

Spring Frozen Crescent

Simpson Street Back Alley II - Texture